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Eraser for 35080/M35080/35160/M35160 eeprom

Categories:   IC Test Clips and Tools
Eraser for 35080/M35080/35160/M35160 eeprom


Stand alone 35080, M35080, 35160 Eeprom eraser with auto-detect.
It can erase the whole Eeprom including the 16 incremental registers.
It works on M35080 Eeprom starting from the first generation until the last one, including M35160.
In this way Eeprom can be programmed for countless times.

Supported eeproms:

  • M35080
  • M35080-3
  • M35080-6
  • M35080V6
  • M35080VP
  • 080D0WQ
  • M35160
  • 160D0WQ




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Eeprom eraser for 35080, M35080, 35160

Eeprom eraser for 35080, M35080, 35160


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