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About us

Minitools brand & speedometer parts

The entire range of Minitools products is for the operators that repairs digital speedometers.
When there's a problem about a digital cluster, they suggest you to change the entire dashboard, spending a lot of money. You can save money just replacing the broken dashboard parts with a new Minitools one. You can change a LCD display, a ribbon flat cable or a pointer, or a cover, or an eeprom with Minitools dashboard parts, and the repair will be easily done.

Automotive Aftermarket for digital dashboards

Minitools has been in the Aftermarket field for so long time, studying all odometers problems, and creating a new line of adaptable dashboard spare parts to solve them.

All Minitools products are tested and controlled to be warranty of a perfect repair.
That's why they are now the first product of the field looking at quality and convenience.