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Universal in-circuit SOP8 Serial Eeprom USB device programmer


SOP8 Serial Eeprom universal device programmer which works through PC USB port. Supplied with EECLIP Windows software to read and program the connected device. There is a connection wire, with the related Test Clip, for every Eeproms' class.

Hardware/software features
  • Designed to be easy to use: read or write a device in just 2 clicks.
  • Power supply: no external power supply needed. It can also supply up to 300mA power to the connected (target) device. EECLIP can work both on 3V and 5V devices.
  • Autodetect: the software automatically recognizes the connected device.
  • Editor: you can use and connect the majority of the editors on the market (for instance 010 Editor) with the EECLIP software.
  • Connecting cable: each cable is dedicated to specific device' categories (for instance with cable 93 you can read all kind of SOP8 93xx both 8 and 16 bits data).
  • Software Update: Internet automatic updates.
  • Supported devices: you can read and program more than 2000 devices in autodetect.
More info
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