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CAN generator for Renault Scenic dashboards


This CAN generator allows to turn the RENAULT SCENIC 2003-2009 dashboard on, without put it on the car.
You can easily repair this dashboard on your desk, just using CAN generator connected to a power supply. You don't need to have the car at your disposal.


  • Power supply: 12V VDC;
  • Voltage: 2,5 A max;
  • Starting voltage: 5A;
  • Dimensions: 88X48X24mm;
  • Weight: 73 gr.

The package includes:

  • CAN generator;
  • power supply 12V 5A;
  • dashboard connector cable;
  • technical assistance;
  • 1 kit of components for 10 repairs.


  • Connect wire between dashboard grey connector and CAN generator, taking care of the correspondance with the PIN 1.
  • Connect the power wire to a 12V 5A power supply. It takes 5 seconds before the dashboards turns on. You can see the green and the red LED flashing alternately. When just the green one is on, the dashboard will start. If also the red LED is on the cluster doesn't work as well and you have to repair it.
  • If the red LED is on, there is a problem on the CAN comunication.
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